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Welcome to the official site of the Mein Land CoD servers

Wellcome to our website!!!

Welcome to our web site Smile We wish you to enjoy playing on our servers! Play honestly, do not

argue with each other and never forget that this IS A GAME! Do not use hacks, cheats or any kind

of fraud,try not to capitalize on eventual bugs found in the game which can let you your score grow

rapidly and easily. This is not the way to get better and it will only contribute to lackof respect by

other players and administrators and you will most likely end up being kicked out or banned Smile Keep

in mind that those servers have been brought to existence so that we can play together and

therefore we plead that you don't make our job harder Smile

Currently our Call of Duty gaming servers are:

Mein Land CoD - patch 1.5, IP -

TDM only. If an administrator is available, you can negotiate temporary change of Gametype,

if the other players agree to it Smile


Mein Land Rifles - patch 1.5, IP -

TDM again, but only german and russian rifles and snipers. About the Gametype the rules

are the same.


Mein Land CoD2 - patch 1.3, IP -

CoD2 TDM server, hosted in Varna. Only rifles server without pistols, grenades and MG-42.


Mein Land Rifles 1.1 - patch 1.1, IP -

TDM server for CoD 1.1. Only rifles server without pistols, grenades and MG-42 + anticamp.

We accept all kinds of suggestions and advices for Call of Duty series. If someone wants

to create a new BG server for CoD, we could help, so please write us.



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